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Do you have what it take to be successful? It is simpler than you think, but not easily, to be successful. The basic skill that you need is Critical rationalism.

Here is a story of how I learn this term “Critical rationalism

Key of successful investment

A few years ago, I attended an investment seminar which organized by a newspaper publishing firm. The talkers are bankers, fund managers, investment newspaper writers and public company CEOs. They shared their views of the latest market trends and investment tips.

After the talkers’ presentation was a Q&A section, people were excited and asked numerous question about stocks, currency market, properties market and economies.

At the end, one person said: “I am impressed by your breadth and depth in investment knowledge. Would you mind to share with us, what is your source of information?”

One of the talkers, a founder and CEO of a public company and a self-make billionaire replied: “I learn all the information from magazines that you can buy with few dollars. And most of the information are even free on the internet.”

A recommendation from a CEO

After the seminar finished, I walked with the CEO and I asked: “From your presentation and the Q&A section, I learned a lot and realized you are full of wisdom. What can I do to grow the same wisdom?” He replied: “The most important skill is distinguishing wrong information. It is very difficult to find out what is right, but easy to filter out what is wrong. I recommend books from a famous philosopher Karl Popper!”

Here are some books from Karl Popper:

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Posted in Successful | August 19th, 2008

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